I created this blog about seven or eight years ago, not long after Invisible People was published. At the time, it was intended to be mainly a blog about the process of writing that book. And then … well, after I’d written and published a few posts about it, it began to get stale. I deactivated most of the links to the excerpts from the book and let it become yet another ghost blog.

I kept the domain name and used my server space for storing archives, for my online mail, and so on.

And a week or two ago, I decided that I wanted to bring it back to life. At the very least, I wanted to re-learn the technical skills I need to manage a blog.

When I first logged in, it was a bit like an archeologist finding the site of an ancient temple from some long gone civilization. How did they build these structures? What did it all mean? What can we learn from these people? How did they think and feel?

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to go through my old writing and publish a few articles and pieces from the past, things that I’d like to keep alive, bits of writing that I feel some sort of affection for. And then I’ll add some new stuff.

Why the hell keep a blog? I’m not selling products, or not yet. I’m not talking about anything that’s easy to monetize. But when you publish something online, there’s some accountability. You have to be confident enough that what you’re saying makes enough sense that you’re prepared to put your name on it.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. You are helping me to be an accountable writer.

Thank you.